Patients experiencing TMD and TMJ deserve top-quality care. What can you do to banish pain in your jawline, teeth grinding, and difficulty eating once and for all? Let an experienced TMJ specialist in our dental office examine your jaw, discuss your symptoms, and create a custom treatment plan.

What is TMD/TMJ?

TMD and TMJ refer to the same condition. The temporomandibular joint connects the jawbone to the skull at either side of the face, in front of each ear. Patients with tightness in the jaw, pain on the sides of their face, migraine headaches, difficulty chewing or speaking, and other symptoms may be experiencing temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly called TMD or TMJ. There are many symptoms of TMJ, ranging from discomfort to debilitating pain. Who better to examine your issue and offer treatment than a TMD specialist dentist who has years of schooling and experience in this particular area of the body? Our compassionate dentists want to make sure every patient has a healthy and happy smile. If you are suffering from TMJ, we want to help find the right solution to alleviate pain, protect teeth from grinding, and ensure you can eat and speak normally.

TMD/TMJ Treatment Options

There are several options for TMJ treatment. Depending on your unique circumstances, our dentist will create a custom treatment plan that may include:

  • Orthodontics to correct misaligned teeth
  • Custom mouth guard to protect teeth from grinding and clenching at night
  • Botox for TMJ

Some patients are surprised that Botox, generally associated with cosmetic use, can be an effective treatment for TMJ. When injected by a trained professional, Botox can release tension in the jawline from TMJ (severe forms of which people sometimes call lockjaw), alleviating pressure and easing symptoms. Your dentist will evaluate your physical symptoms and determine if therapeutic Botox treatment can relieve your TMJ symptoms.

We offer our TMD/TMJ patients the highest quality of care in a relaxing, spa-like environment in our offices. Simply coming in for an appointment is a pleasant experience; you’ll find helpful staff, a soothing atmosphere, and personal solutions for any oral health problems you may have. We offer all our treatments in-house, so you can count on the same caring team for all your procedures. We don’t only want to help you with TMJ. We want to help your overall health and all dental treatment for years to come.