Sinus Lifts

A sinus lift procedure adds additional bone to your upper jaw, which can be a foundation for future dental implants. Your dentist at Renken Dentistry may recommend sinus lifts if your sinuses rest too close to your jaw or to increase bone height in the upper jawbone. This procedure is performed in-house at our dental offices, so there’s no need to go to an outside specialist.

Reasons for Sinus Lifts

For patients with teeth missing near the back of the mouth, the jawbone can erode. When a tooth falls out due to infection, injury, or gum disease, the jawbone can be reabsorbed back into the body. Sinus lifts help address this issue.

Dental implants can also prevent the jawbone from eroding, but some patients need additional bone inserted before they can get implants. By inserting bone in the space between your sinuses on your jaw and nose, your jawbone can be restored. Once the site has healed, your dentist will proceed with implants.

Sinus Lifts Are Quick and Safe Procedures

Some patients are wary of any surgery. Sinus lift procedures are safe, short, and out-patient. The entire procedure is completed in-house in just one appointment!

During the treatment, you’ll be under anesthesia. The sinus area is lifted to make room for the additional bone. Renken Dentistry typically uses xenografts, bone tissue from animals such as cows, as the bone material to implant in your mouth, although bone can be harvested from the patient as well. By using xenografts, the procedure is less invasive and faster.

Renken Dentistry offers sinus lifts, dental implants, and related procedures at our office, making it easy to get the dental treatment you need. Call and make an appointment today!