Why We Have A Disco Ball In Every Office

If you’ve visited one of our locations, you might have wondered, “Why would someone hang a disco ball in a dental office?”

While many on our team do enjoy disco now and again and we do make good use of that disco ball on occasion, it’s about more than office parties.

Dentistry can be a challenging and stressful experience for patients. Many patients feel anxiety due to past experiences that may have been less than positive. Other patients might feel guilt or embarrassment over having challenges with their oral health.

Our team works hard to support people through these difficulties, and the reality of being a care provider is that caring for others through difficult situations every day can be stressful for us too.

The disco ball is there to remind all of us—both our patients and our dental team—that we are all human and we are all here to have the best life experience we can together. Much of the time, working together on an important mission can actually be fun.

So don’t hesitate to show us your disco moves. A little fun and laughter can go a long way toward increasing our health together. We love it when we hear our patients say “I’ve never heard so much laughing in a dental practice!”

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