The Smile From Within Way

Everything we do at Renken Dentistry is based on our value system, called The Smile From Within Way. It’s a set of values we use to empower our team, measure our impact, provide better care, and encourage our team to become servants and leaders in the community.

Over the years, we’ve learned how important it is to have a fundamental set of values that everyone in the organization can turn to for guidance. Many practices don’t define their values, which makes every decision difficult and leads to inconsistent care.

While this is mostly for our internal team, we want to be completely transparent. So if you’re curious, here’s the value system we use as the foundation for our care model.

Value 1: Discover Your Inner Smile

We value each team member’s unique strengths. We encourage each team member to look inward and identify unique ways to support our dental group’s purpose to increase health for our patients and community.

Value 2: Partner to Serve Others

Our team has the ability to create amazing outcomes and support others in what matters to them. We value how important this can be and how choosing to support and serve can be powerful.

Value 3: Organize Well for Good Results

We each use our own individual motivation to learn, implement, and evolve standardized systems within our dental group that deliver consistently great outcomes for our patients.

Value 4: Learn, Laugh, and Grow. Even When It’s Hard.

Our organization values professional, technical, and leadership development in all roles. We encourage each team member to grow and lead in their role. We also choose to see change as an inevitable reality in our industry and learn to manage it proactively.

Value 5: Create a Healthy Community

We are creative rather than reactive. We value moving people to health and helping them stay there. We also recognize and value our role as leaders in the larger community. We encourage servant leadership in our community, plan community service projects, and encourage our team to take an active role, each in our own way.

Using the Smile From Within Way

We believe that as our team members grow, so will our patients’ health.

We know these values work because we use them every day. We created this core value system because we’ve learned firsthand that it’s a great way to run a dental group that creates health for patients and our communities.