Dr. Tiffany Nanthavongdouangsy

Dr. Tiffany Nanthavongdouangsy is a graduate of Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Glendale, Arizona where she received her degree as a Doctor of Dental Medicine. Growing up, Dr. N always had a positive experience going to the dentist and after working for her childhood dentist, she realized the positive impact a caring dentist can have on a patient. Dr. N understands the difference a mindful, caring, and compassionate dentist can make on a patient’s oral health journey and is committed to providing excellent care for her own patients.

Dr. N is a member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honors Society and has presented research at international conferences focusing on meditation, mindfulness, and stress related to the dental field. She is also a member of the International Association of Dental Research and the American Dental Association.

Dr. N is dedicated to volunteering her services to assist those in need. She has received awards for her dedication to community service, including co-starting an organization that provided dental services to homeless shelters in Phoenix, Arizona and for organizing COVID outreach initiatives such as providing handmade masks to high-risk communities and warm lunches to COVID frontline workers. She also spent time in Honduras connecting with the community, providing dental care, and building infrastructure to provide local communities with access to clean water to reduce respiratory illness. Dr. N is looking forward to joining organizations in the Austin area to contribute to her local community.

In her free time, Dr. N loves anything that has to do with art, working with her hands, or nature. She is a hobby ceramist, loves to hike and backpack, and enjoys learning to cook new recipes to explore different cultures.