Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures. When you have a cavity, one of our dentists at Renken Dentistry will carefully remove any decay and repair the tooth with a dental filling. Teeth fillings are not only used for cavities caused by tooth decay, but also are used to restore teeth that are broken, cracked, or worn down from nighttime grinding, nail biting, or other damage.

We use metal or tooth-colored fillings, depending on your needs and budget. Our experienced dentists can help you choose the right tooth filling type for each situation.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings are very common. You might have some in your mouth currently. They have been a reliable standard of the dental industry for decades. These metallic-looking fillings don’t look as natural as white fillings that blend with your teeth, but they still have benefits.

  • Affordability – these types of tooth filling tend to be the most affordable and the procedure takes less time to complete than tooth-colored fillings.
  • Reliability – these fillings are commonly made out of a combination of materials including silver, copper, mercury, and tin. Although they are not as aesthetically pleasing as tooth-colored fillings or quite as reliable as ceramic fillings, they can still last reliably for years.

Tooth-Colored Ceramic Fillings

Tooth-colored ceramic fillings are a relatively recent advancement in dental technology. The procedure for a ceramic filling takes a little longer than the procedure for metal amalgam fillings, due to the fact that the tooth must be kept dry throughout the process.

However, many patients prefer this type of filling because of the benefits it provides over a metallic filling:

  • Appearance – the major benefit to these fillings is their natural appearance. Ceramic fillings match the color of your teeth and are very difficult to notice. Many people choose this option so no one can tell they have fillings.
  • Durability – ceramic fillings are extremely durable. Since they are less likely than metal amalgam fillings to expand, they are less likely to crack your tooth over time. They help strengthen the tooth better than metal amalgam fillings.

Discuss with a dentist about whether tooth-colored or metal amalgam fillings are right for you. Call the office nearest you today to book an appointment.