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No dental insurance?

Most patients choose a dentist based on whether their dental insurance is accepted.

But what if you don’t have dental insurance? Or, what if it doesn’t cover the services you need?

Dental care can seem really expensive when insurance isn’t paying the bill. At Renken Dentistry, we understand that. That’s why we’ve created ways to make getting dental care affordable. We believe that money should never get in the way of a person’s ability to live a healthy life.

One of our most popular options is our subscription dental membership plan.

Better dental benefits made affordable for everyone

Our dental membership plan is called Health Assurance. You can purchase a subscription with coverage for the services you need, and then get discounts and even free services at one of our offices.

With Health Assurance, you can get affordable care without insurance or add benefits to your current plan. That way, the care you need is always affordable.

You don’t need insurance to get great dental care

Don’t have dental insurance? No problem. We can still give you the care you need.

A Health Assurance membership is like dental insurance, but better. There is no claims process. No guessing if your treatment is covered. No application is needed. The membership is directly with our practice so there is no third party determining your benefits.

We’ll work with you to choose a plan with the benefits that match your needs. We have plans for all situations, and each member of your family or group can choose the plan that’s right for them.

Need something your insurance doesn’t cover? Health Assurance can help.

Insurance is supposed to be your safety net—you hope you’ll never need more expensive dental care, but if you do, insurance is supposed to help.

But sometimes you need services that aren’t covered by your dental plan. In those situations, it can seem impossible to afford the care you need.

We offer additional plans of Health Assurance so you can add benefits to your primary plan. It’s not just for people without insurance, but we also have options for people who need care their insurance doesn’t cover.

Get a Health Assurance subscription, and you can get the care you need now. No waiting, approvals, or jumping through hoops.

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