Whole Community Employment

We believe you can’t create a healthy community unless we all work together. At Renken Dentistry, we are committed to creating health in our community, and an important part of that is creating an inclusive environment.

Since we first opened our doors, we have been striving to create an accessible and inclusive work environment for individuals of all abilities, backgrounds, ethnicities, perspectives, and ages. In 2013, we began working with the Hope School Vocational Program to pilot the development of a first-of-its-kind vocational opportunity for individuals with developmental differences to work in our dental practices in Springfield.

Initially, this included working with job coaches during the transition from the school setting into adult working life. Long term, our goal is for all of our team members to learn to support team members with differences.

To empower all team members to meaningfully contribute in care delivery, we also developed a shape and color-based system indicating steps and procedures during appointments. This has allowed all team members to take an active role in the core of what we do.

As we expanded our group into Texas, we have been working in a similar capacity with the Georgetown and Leander independent school systems to promote our intention of whole community employment.

With simple modifications to how we work, we’ve found inclusivity to be a goal well within our reach. We have seen rich diversity contribute to our ability to work with one another and spread a broader message of inclusivity in our community. We know from experience that when our patients see what’s possible, they are often inspired to make their own workplaces more accessible and inclusive as well.

Welcoming all individuals has truly enhanced the health of our communities. It’s another way we show that no matter where you are on your path to health, we’re here for you.

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