Your Child’s First Loose Tooth

Your Child’s First Loose Tooth

If you think about it, to a child, the idea of losing a tooth seems pretty crazy! Here's how to help kids understand what their first loose tooth means.

Most remember their first loose tooth when they were a child very differently. Some were excited and couldn’t wait till it fell out while some were afraid and didn’t understand what was happening. Either way, it is something very new for a child to have to deal with and the thought of losing teeth sounds very crazy. The best thing you can do for your child is to make them understand what is happening to help calm their nerves.

A Loose Tooth = A Child’s Milestone

A loose tooth is a great way to let your child know that they are growing up and becoming one of the big kids. This means growing taller, learning the alphabet, tying shoelaces and even losing their baby teeth. It won’t be long till all their friends also have that gap-toothed smile. Even before losing their first tooth, be sure to let your child know that this is a normal and exciting part of growing up.

No matter what you tell your kids, be aware that there will probably be a friend or family member that could blow the process out of proportion and make it seem more painful than it actually is. They may also find videos online that show teeth removal in a funny or silly way.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure your child know that the tooth does not have to be forced out. Pliers should never be used to loosen the tooth further, and the old string tied to a tooth and a doorknob is funny to watch but shouldn’t be done. The best plan is to wiggle the tooth with clean fingers or their tongue gently. When the movement has loosened it enough, you can carefully help your child with it.

Most parents will also incentivize the tooth falling out as well. The tooth fairy is a popular tradition where the tooth is traded for a small amount of money, but a toy or some ice cream could also be a fun way to celebrate their first tooth coming out.

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