Should I Opt for a Dental Crown or an Extraction?

When a tooth is damaged, what is the best option for treating it? Here's how to choose between a dental crown and a tooth extraction.

Having in mind that your teeth are one of the most hardworking parts of your body, it’s no surprise when our teeth may experience or sustain some sort of damage, whether it’s a chip or a crack. What then though? Should we get the tooth extracted completely or should we try to save our damaged tooth? At Renken Dentistry, we want to help you keep your smile complete and beautiful!

Why Saving Your Teeth is Important

An extraction may sound like fastest and most cost-effective route to take, but the opposite is actually true. When you remove a tooth with nothing to put in its place, the integrity of your entire mouth is compromised. Without any teeth, the remaining ones can begin to shift and therefore affecting your bite, eventually leading to more tooth loss, and quite possibly, more cost incurred.

What to Expect When You Have a Dental Crown

Over the course of two visits to our office, our highly trained staff and experienced dentists will be sure to oversee the planning, design, and placement of your crown very carefully. Our well-made and well-placed crowns are almost indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth in your mouth.

How to Find Out More About Dental Crowns

At Renken Dentistry, we aim to see our patients proud of the teeth they have. If we can help in any way shape or form to get you to have more confidence in your smile, we will do just that. Don’t let an accident stop you from having a mouth full of healthy teeth, instead come visit us to be fully aware of all we can and want to do for you.

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