Protect Your Smile with Mouth Guards

Protect Your Smile with Mouth Guards

There are several types of mouth guards that can protect your teeth from damage. Learn about the most common types and their benefits.

At Renken Dentistry, we believe prevention is an essential part of ensuring our patient’s optimal oral health. For this reason, we always recommend that our patients who participate in sports or athletic activities wear a custom sports guard. We also recommend that any of our patients that suffer from symptoms of TMD, or even unconscious clenching/grinding wear one of our custom night guards. Wearing these dental devices can protect your teeth from damage often caused by traumatic sports injuries and nighttime clenching and grinding.

Custom Sports Mouthguards

Any of our Springfield dental patients that like to participate in athletic activities or play sports should consider wearing a sports mouthguard. They are customized to fit comfortably and properly so that they can protect both arches of teeth, your tongue, and even your jaw in the event a sports injury occurs.

Patients that participate in athletic activities that neglect to wear a mouthguard are much more likely to experience a traumatic dental injury, ranging from chipped teeth to completely dislodged teeth. This can result in costly dental treatments that could have been prevented with the proper protection.

Custom Night Guards

For our patients at our Springfield dental practice that suffer from TMD or unconscious nighttime grinding or clenching, we strongly recommend an occlusal mouthguard. Regular clenching and grinding can chip, crack and even fracture teeth, resulting in an increased risk of decay and infection. Protective night guards only need to be worn while sleeping and are custom designed to fit comfortably.

For those that experience clenching and grinding and neglect to wear a mouthguard are at higher risk for damaged teeth and often experience painful symptoms such as jaw pain and even migraines.

Want to make sure your smile is protected? Contact our office today! We’d be happy to evaluate your oral health and discuss whether a custom mouthguard is the right option for you.

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