Dr. Shanta Veeramachaneni

Dr. Shanta Veeramachaneni (Dr. V) was born in India and grew up in Michigan. She moved to Texas while in high school and has been here ever since. Dr. V graduated from Texas A&M University majoring in biology and minoring in psychology. She completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Dentistry.

Dr. V is a member of the ADA, TDA and Academy of General Dentistry; she is committed to her goal of continued lifelong learning.

Oral health can have a major impact on the health and confidence of patients, however dental anxiety can often prevent them from maintaining their oral health. Dr. V has learned that spending the extra time with patients to teach them and help them understand their dental care makes the trip to the dental office more comfortable and reduces their fear of the dental office. She strives to make each appointment a fun and welcoming experience.

Dr. V enjoys doing puzzles, hiking, and gardening. She is an avid Aggie fan so make sure you come to the clinic and give her a thumbs up and “gig’em!”

Dr. Jonathan Dizon

Dr. Jonathan Dizon is a Filipino-American, born and raised in Southern California. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in biological science from the University of California, Irvine, he explored the field of dentistry. He shadowed his personal dentist and began volunteering in a pediatric clinic for children from low-income families in Los Angeles. He’s attracted to the hands-on, dynamic, scientific, and artistic aspects of dentistry, but his favorite part of dentistry is building relationships with patients and working together to improve their health, smiles, and overall confidence. In 2015, he moved to Phoenix, AZ and attended Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health where he received his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry. Wanting to be able to provide the best care possible, Dr. Dizon continued his development as a dentist by completing an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency at St. Vincent de Paul Dental Clinic where he obtained advanced training in oral surgery, implant therapy, CAD/CAM dentistry, endodontic therapy, and removable prosthetics. Dr. Dizon recently moved to Austin, TX to be near his long-time girlfriend and join Renken Dentistry. He is excited to be a part of the Renken team and care for our patients The Smile From Within Way.

From the beginning of his journey into dentistry, Dr. Dizon developed a desire to care for those who are underserved. He has worked in community healthcare clinics from Philadelphia, PA to Seattle, WA. Over the last few years, he has helped restore smiles at AZ Mission of Mercy and gone on humanitarian trips to the Dominican Republic. One of his favorite things about doing dentistry in the DR is starting off the day with breakfast on the beach and a quick dip in the ocean.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Dizon enjoys traveling and trying the local food and brews, playing music, and doing HIIT workouts. Since high school, he has played guitar on the worship team at church. He enjoys mud/obstacle course races and has completed the Spartan Trifecta. Brand new to Austin, he is excited for dance floors to open up again and learn Texas Two-Step.

Our Promise

Patient Partnering Promise

Our promise to every patient in our community.

We Promise…

  1. to deliver a convenient and comfortable experience.
  2. to provide a clean and organized space for your care.
  3. to understand your needs and goals before we begin care.
  4. to share a clear long-term path to sustainable health.
  5. to design a way to overcome any challenges with your health.
  6. to create a smile that you are confident in.
  7. to celebrate all of the milestones in your dental journey.
  8. to help you discover how you can maintain a healthy smile.
  9. to give you and your family the opportunity to smile from within.
  10. to contribute to the community that we live in and love.


Patients experiencing TMD deserve top-quality care. What can you do to banish pain in your jawline, teeth grinding, and difficulty eating once and for all? Let an experienced TMJ specialist in our Austin, TX dental office examine your jaw, discuss your symptoms, and create a custom treatment plan. Call today to schedule your appointment!

What Is TMD/TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the jawbone to the skull at either side of the face, in front of each ear. Patients with tightness in the jaw, pain on the sides of their face, migraine headaches, difficulty chewing or speaking, and other symptoms may be experiencing temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly called TMD. There are many symptoms of TMD, ranging from discomfort to debilitating pain. 

Who better to examine your issue and offer treatment than a TMD specialist dentist who has years of schooling and experience in this particular area of the body? Our compassionate dentists want to make sure every patient has a healthy and happy smile. If you are suffering from TMD, we want to help you find the right solution to alleviate pain, protect teeth from grinding, and ensure you can eat and speak normally.

Understanding The Root Causes Of TMD/TMJ

It’s crucial to understand the origins of TMDJ to provide effective treatments and enable patients to fully grasp their condition. The causes of TMD can be multifaceted, stemming from issues such as arthritis, jaw injury, or chronic grinding and clenching of the teeth, known as bruxism. Genetics and hormonal fluctuations, especially among women, can also play a role in the manifestation of this disorder. Understanding the root cause aids our specialists in devising the most suitable treatment strategy to address your specific situation.

The Diagnostic Process

Upon your initial visit to our Austin, TX office, a detailed examination of your oral and jaw structures will be conducted. Utilizing advanced technology, such as digital x-rays and 3D imaging, we can get a comprehensive view of your jaw and surrounding structures. This aids in determining the severity of the disorder and allows our TMJ specialists to pinpoint the exact areas that need attention. We’ll delve into your medical history, discuss your symptoms in-depth, and ensure that every aspect of your condition is thoroughly investigated to facilitate an effective treatment plan.

TMD/TMJ Treatment Options

There are several options for TMJ treatment. Depending on your unique circumstances, our dentist will create a custom treatment plan that may include:

  • Orthodontics to correct misaligned teeth
  • Custom mouth guard to protect teeth from grinding and clenching at night

We offer our TMD/TMJ patients the highest quality of care in a relaxing, spa-like environment in our office. Simply coming in for an appointment is a pleasant experience; you’ll find helpful team members, a soothing atmosphere, and personal solutions for any oral health problems you may have. We offer all our treatments in-house, so you can count on the same caring team for all your procedures. Overall, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care that goes beyond just addressing TMJ. Our goal is to enhance your overall health and ensure lasting dental treatments for years to come.

Our Disco Ball

Why We Have A Disco Ball In Every Office

If you’ve visited one of our locations, you might have wondered, “Why would someone hang a disco ball in a dental office?”

While many on our team do enjoy disco now and again and we do make good use of that disco ball on occasion, it’s about more than office parties.

Dentistry can be a challenging and stressful experience for patients. Many patients feel anxiety due to past experiences that may have been less than positive. Other patients might feel guilt or embarrassment over having challenges with their oral health.

Our team works hard to support people through these difficulties, and the reality of being a care provider is that caring for others through difficult situations every day can be stressful for us too.

The disco ball is there to remind all of us—both our patients and our dental team—that we are all human and we are all here to have the best life experience we can together. Much of the time, working together on an important mission can actually be fun.

So don’t hesitate to show us your disco moves. A little fun and laughter can go a long way toward increasing our health together. We love it when we hear our patients say “I’ve never heard so much laughing in a dental practice!”


At Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill, we want every patient to be healthy and feel confident in their smile. Often overlooked by patients, the significance of having straight teeth extends beyond mere aesthetics. In fact, there are compelling health benefits to consider. Straight teeth are easier to maintain and clean, therefore reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Aligning teeth also distributes force across all your teeth when you chew or if you grind your teeth at night, which reduces stress on individual teeth and helps avoid wear and damage. That’s why we offer orthodontics, or corrective dentistry, to all of our Austin, TX patients.

With modern dental technology, straightening your smile doesn’t mean years of uncomfortable metal braces anymore. You can have a healthy, straight smile without metal brackets and tight wires. We use the most effective and innovative advancements in dentistry in a welcoming and comfortable environment.


We are happy to provide Invisalign for our patients. Invisalign is the perfect choice for patients who want to straighten their teeth without the inconvenience of metal braces. The clear aligner trays are barely visible and much less intrusive than traditional metal braces. 

While Invisalign should be worn at least 22 hours a day for maximum effectiveness, they are taken out to eat, brush, and floss. This also helps avoid causing stains and tooth decay that can sometimes happen when food gets stuck behind traditional metal braces. The clear aligner trays are also easy to remove for special occasions, such as a wedding. There are no uncomfortable wires to tighten or metal brackets in your mouth. Instead, you will receive a progression of clear aligner trays that move your teeth toward the desired position. The process is usually faster than metal braces as well and can be completed in as little as 12 months.

Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles is another orthodontic treatment that shifts and straightens teeth gently and quickly.  As you can tell by the name, Six Month Smiles gets the job done fast! Like traditional braces, Six Month Smiles uses fixed brackets and elastics that remain in place during the treatment process. Much like Invisalign, Six Month Smiles is highly effective at unobtrusively correcting misaligned teeth. This system takes the benefit of traditional braces with the minimal visibility of modern orthodontic treatment.

The Advantages Of Orthodontic Treatments

While our primary focus is on ensuring the optimal health of your teeth through orthodontic procedures, at Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill, we strive to amplify the additional benefits that accrue from a perfectly aligned set of teeth. A straight smile doesn’t just boost your oral health but also works wonders for your overall confidence and wellness. Let’s delve into a few more advantages:

  • Enhanced self-esteem: A straight, gleaming smile can remarkably uplift your self-esteem and confidence, facilitating positive interactions in both social and professional settings.
  • Improved oral hygiene: As mentioned, straight teeth are significantly easier to clean and maintain, paving the way for robust oral health.
  • Optimal jaw alignment: Corrective dentistry often aids in rectifying jaw misalignments, thus mitigating issues related to jaw pain and improper bite.

Get A Free Consultation!

We offer a free orthodontic consultation, so our orthodontist can talk through all the options and help you decide what’s best for you based on your dental history and desired outcome. Make an appointment with our office today!

Community Care

Whole Community Employment

We believe a healthy community cannot be created unless we all work together. At Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill, we are committed to creating health in our community, and an important part of that is creating an inclusive environment.

Since we first opened our doors, we have been striving to create an accessible and inclusive work environment for individuals of all abilities, backgrounds, ethnicities, perspectives, and ages. In 2013, we began working with the Hope School Vocational Program to pilot the development of a first-of-its-kind vocational opportunity for individuals with developmental differences to work in our dental practices in Springfield.

Initially, this included working with job coaches during the transition from the school setting into adult working life. Long term, our goal is for all of our team members to learn to support team members with differences.

To empower all team members to meaningfully contribute in care delivery, we also developed a shape and color-based system indicating steps and procedures during appointments. This has allowed all team members to take an active role in the core of what we do.

As we expanded our group into Texas, we have been working in a similar capacity with the Georgetown and Leander independent school systems to promote our intention of whole community employment.

With simple modifications to how we work, we’ve found inclusivity to be a goal well within our reach. We have seen rich diversity contribute to our ability to work with one another and spread a broader message of inclusivity in our community. We know from experience that when our patients see what’s possible, they are often inspired to make their own workplaces more accessible and inclusive as well.

Welcoming all individuals has truly enhanced the health of our communities. It’s another way we show that no matter where you are on your path to health, we’re here for you.

Emergency Dentistry

Have a dental emergency? Call our Austin, TX office right away! We have a team on call to help.

Dental emergencies can range from obvious issues like knocked-out teeth to a subtle swelling on your gum line. If you find yourself in need of an emergency dentist, don’t hesitate to call us immediately. Our team will see you as soon as possible.

Do I Need To Schedule An Emergency Exam?

Whether you’re feeling pain in your mouth, knocked out a tooth playing sports, a dental crown came loose, or something else, all dental emergencies should be addressed quickly to prevent further pain or complications. It may not always be easy to tell if your issue is urgent, but you should schedule an appointment for emergency dental care with us if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • A severe, sudden toothache or oral pain
  • Knocked out, broken, or cracked teeth
  • Broken or loose braces
  • Lost fillings or crowns
  • Loose teeth (for adults)
  • Swollen and/or painful gums
  • Oral bleeding that won’t stop

If you’re experiencing dental pain accompanied by a fever, facial swelling, or swollen lymph nodes, contact us as soon as possible, as these are symptoms that could suggest you may have an abscessed tooth.

The Importance Of Timely Emergency Dental Care

Dealing with a dental emergency can be nerve-wracking, especially when unexpected pain or damage occurs without warning. It’s essential to understand the significance of obtaining swift, professional help during such instances to alleviate pain and minimize potential long-term damage to your oral health.

Timely emergency dental care ensures that acute issues are addressed immediately, potentially saving a tooth that might otherwise be lost. Swift intervention can also prevent infections from spreading and escalating into more severe health issues. In such dire situations, our dedicated team in Austin, TX, is committed to providing rapid, compassionate care to manage pain and resolve your dental crisis effectively.

First Aid For Dental Emergencies

While immediate professional attention is paramount during a dental emergency, knowing basic first aid can protect your oral health in the period between the incident and reaching our office.

  • Knocked-out tooth: Gently rinse the tooth without touching the root and try to reinsert it in its socket. If that’s not possible, store it in milk or between your cheek and gums to keep it moist.
  • Cracked or broken tooth: Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to the exterior of the affected area to manage swelling.
  • Biting tongue or lip: Clean the area gently with water and use a cold compress to control swelling and bleeding.
  • Objects caught between teeth: Try using dental floss to gently remove the object, but avoid using sharp tools that could cause injury.

Some dental emergencies can be prevented by staying on top of your oral hygiene and being proactive by wearing a sports mouth guard; however, others may be completely unavoidable, such as knocking out a tooth during a car accident. Whatever the cause of your dental emergency, we’ll tailor a custom treatment plan to fit your needs and restore your oral health.

What To Expect During An Emergency Dental Visit

Your emergency visit will commence with a thorough examination of the affected area, possibly followed by x-rays to determine the extent of the damage or infection. Our skilled dental team will then discuss the findings with you and outline a tailored treatment plan. Immediate pain management and preliminary treatment to stabilize the condition will be executed as needed.

If you’re experiencing discomfort, swelling, or any other troublesome symptoms, don’t hesitate to call our office right away!

Family Dentistry

At Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill, we take immense pride in being the one-stop dental destination for entire families, from the youngest smiles to the most experienced ones. Understanding the distinct and evolving dental needs at every stage of life, our dedicated team extends a spectrum of dental care that adapts to all age groups. Every family member, from playful children to respected seniors, is greeted with tailored, top-notch dental solutions and a hearty, compassionate smile. 

Our Austin, TX practice is firmly rooted in the belief that quality dental care is a lifelong journey, and we’re here to ensure that journey is comfortable, accessible, and positively memorable for every individual under our care. Call today to schedule!

Dentistry For Kids

Families consistently choose Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill as their children’s dentist because we offer compassionate, friendly care that both children and adults love. Our caring team of pediatric dentists, hygienists, and front office team are terrific at putting our littlest patients at ease.

Our office is specifically designed with kids and families in mind, having dedicated kids’ areas and a soothing environment to make visiting the dentist less scary for kids.

Why Dental Care For Kids Is Important

The myth of the scary dentist is pretty common on TV or in movies, and it can lead kids to be scared of visiting the dentist. Those children can grow up into adults who are anxious and afraid of the dentist.

At our dental office, we work hard to dispel those myths and fears of going to the dentist. We want to ensure each patient is comfortable throughout the visit. Our dental team welcomes all patients, and our caring dentists explain each treatment in age-appropriate language. When you visit our office, you’ll see that it is a friendly environment that welcomes the whole family, from babies to grandparents. We consider ourselves lucky to get to be a dentist for kids; many of our patients have attended our dental office for regular cleanings since their very first dental appointment!

When you bring your children to Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill, we want to make sure they have healthy teeth and gums for years to come. That’s why we talk to kids and explain how to take care of teeth, describe each treatment, and make them active participants in their oral health care. When kids take charge of brushing and flossing, they are building a foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. This can help prevent tooth decay, which protects your child from pain and expensive dental procedures.

Help your child love going to the dentist and build a foundation of good oral hygiene habits. Bring your family to Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill.

Senior Dentistry

What makes Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill the right choice for senior dentistry? With a variety of dental care services and a focus on accessibility and convenience, we make it easy to go to the dentist, no matter your age!

Our goal is to make sure all our patients have a happy and healthy smile. That’s why we offer senior dentistry at our Austin, TX office. Our patients appreciate that we offer so many services in-house, from dentures to root canals. This means you don’t have to visit multiple specialists when you need dental care — simply visit our office! We also offer early morning appointments. All of this is to make it convenient to visit the dentist.

Affordable Dental Care

We understand that many of our senior patients are living on a pension and/or drawing from social security. Affordable dental services are crucial for our community, especially those who are retired or nearing retirement. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions about insurance and pricing before or after your treatment. We also offer payment plans. For patients without dental insurance, we offer our Health Assurance plans. This monthly subscription plan starts as low as $25/month. 

Preventative care is crucial to preventing dental issues and discomfort. If you are experiencing any type of dental distress, please schedule an appointment with our dentist for seniors. Everyone deserves a happy and healthy smile!

Our Senior Services

One of the most popular senior dentistry treatments in our practice is oral appliances for sleep apnea. Many older adults are affected by sleep apnea, which not only leaves you fatigued throughout the day but can be extremely dangerous to your health. A custom-fitted oral appliance, similar to a night guard, can keep your jaw aligned and your airway open as you sleep. This treatment is covered by Medicare.

We offer a full range of senior dentistry treatments in our offices. This includes cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening, that can give you confidence in your smile. We offer full and partial dentures to restore the function and appearance of a full smile after tooth loss.

After raising kids and possibly grandkids, isn’t it time to take care of yourself? Talk to a dentist about your oral health goals! Make an appointment with our friendly office team today!

Financing & Insurance

Quality dental care is an integral part of our overall health and well-being, yet it can often be overlooked due to concerns about cost. At our dental practice, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to affordable, exceptional dental services. Understanding that everyone’s financial situation is unique, we have tailored our payment options, financing solutions, and insurance processing to accommodate a variety of budgets and needs. 

We are committed to working with you to ensure that your dental health is never compromised due to financial constraints.

Payment & Financing

Our dental practice offers a variety of payment options to accommodate the varying needs of our patients. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks. For procedures not covered by insurance, or for those without dental insurance, we also offer flexible financing options through Sunbit.


We recognize that dental insurance can often be confusing, so our dedicated insurance specialists are here to help you navigate through the process. We work with a multitude of insurance providers and are happy to process your insurance claims to ensure that you receive your maximum benefits. Prior to your treatment, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all costs and how much your insurance is likely to cover. Our goal is to prevent any financial surprises and to make your experience as seamless as possible. 

If you have questions about your dental insurance coverage or our insurance policies, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to make your journey to a healthier smile as straightforward and affordable as possible.

General Dentistry

Our team is trained in the latest dentistry techniques and technology, and we do most procedures in house at all our locations. Learn more about the general dentistry services we offer below.

Don’t see something on this list? Chances are, we can still do it. Give our team a call today to learn more about our general dentistry services in Austin, TX, or to schedule an appointment! 


Fluoride gel, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other fluoride products treat cavities and tooth decay caused by acid-producing bacteria that settles on teeth and under the gums. The acid produced by this bacteria weakens teeth which can also cause pain.

Fluoride helps to protect teeth against this bacteria and even assists in repairing tooth decay. Many communities “fluoridate” (add fluoride to) their water because of the clear correlation between fluoride and decreased tooth decay, particularly in children.

Fluoride is one of our most important treatments for tooth decay; in fact, one of the main reasons for brushing your teeth is to apply the fluoride found in your toothpaste. It’s the active ingredient in most toothpastes and some over-the-counter mouthwashes.

However there’s a stronger concentration of fluoride available at your dentist. Fluoride gels and varnishes and similar treatments can be good options for all children and adults, but especially those who are at a higher risk of developing cavities. This high-grade, topical fluoride has a stronger concentration than typical toothpaste and fluoride products sold over the counter, and the higher concentration makes it more effective at protecting and repairing tooth enamel.

Fluoride gel treatment is quick and painless; a clear gel is applied directly to the patient’s tooth enamel with a small, soft brush and the procedure is done in a couple minutes. After the treatment, you’ll need to avoid hot food and liquids for a brief time to avoid removing the fluoride, but it’s a convenient treatment with minimal disruption to your normal day. We’ll give you detailed instructions during your appointment.

Part of our mission is to instill good oral hygiene habits in children and young adults. This includes regular dental visits, brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, and flossing daily. Depending on your individual needs, your dentist may recommend topical fluoride applications every 6-12 months, or possibly every 3 months.

Dental Sealants

To prevent tooth decay, we recommend dental sealants for small children on hard-to-reach teeth. A durable plastic coating is applied to the back teeth, where it bonds with enamel and forms an impenetrable barrier. The coating seals all grooves and creates a smooth, flat surface that keeps out plaque, tartar, bacteria, and food particles. The coating is designed to last years and can be reapplied if needed as your child grows. We recommend parents protect their child’s oral health by applying dental sealants as soon as the back teeth erupt. Dental sealants are easy, fast, and painless to apply. We encourage this preventative treatment to every parent because it helps prevent painful oral conditions and expensive procedures down the line.

Athletic & Sports Mouth Guards

Did you know that 25% of all mouth injuries we see in our dental offices are related to sports? Both kids and adults want to be able to exercise without fear of injury. There is a simple solution that can protect your family: custom athletic and sports mouth guards.

To protect against potential damage, we recommend all children and adults wear a custom mouth guard while playing sports.

Generic sports mouth guards can be found in many drugstores and sports stores. However, basic sports mouth guards, even the ones that you soften in boiling water and form to your mouth, are not truly a perfect fit. They can still slip and slide around on your mouth, preventing the mouth guard from actually protecting your teeth.

Our dentists use specialized techniques to ensure that your custom mouth guard fits your teeth much better, offering superior comfort and protection. It will both cushion and shield the upper teeth of your mouth, and prevent damage from the upper and lower teeth hitting against one another in falls and accidents. Custom mouth guards fit your upper teeth because the upper teeth are the most likely to be injured or injure another part of your face, while the lower teeth are more naturally protected. 

Dental injuries are more common than you might think. A well-fitted mouth guard is an essential piece of sports equipment and should be in every athlete’s sports bag. Make sure you, or your child, is ready to get in the game! Give us a call to learn more about getting a custom mouth guard.