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We want every patient to enjoy full and unrestricted use of their mouth. This means eating, drinking, talking, and singing without pain or struggle. For patients with missing teeth, dental implants are a restorative treatment that brings back full function of their mouth as well as filling out their smile.

A Permanent Solution To Missing Teeth

A missing tooth can cause issues eating and speaking. It can also detract from both your smile and confidence. Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill offers patients a permanent solution to missing teeth with full size and mini size dental implants.

An implant is a titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone to act as a substitute tooth root. Once in place, a small portion of the post will show through the gum. This protruding titanium piece is the strong, durable anchor for the replacement tooth. The prosthetic tooth can be a crown, dentures, a bridge, or a partial. Full dental implants are preferred for healthy patients with plenty of bone, who need to replace one or more teeth with a crown, while mini dental implants are used for smaller than normal teeth and incisors, and are typically used as anchors for dentures.

Some patients might need additional procedures to prepare the mouth for a new implant. If a tooth has been missing for a long time, bone loss and other issues can occur, making implants more complex. A dental bone graft, sinus lift, or other dental surgery may be required in some cases before an implant procedure is feasible.

5 Things To Know Before You Get A Dental Implant

Your recovery and experience might not be the same as other people.

You might have already done some research to find out what to expect from a dental implant procedure.

However, getting a dental implant is different for everyone because every implant procedure is unique. Your experience might not be the same as that of your friends or people who wrote about it online.

Every implant procedure has a variety of factors that can completely change the experience for the patient. For some patients, it’s a simple procedure, but for others, it can be more involved.

So don’t rely on assumptions and stories to make your decision about getting an implant. The best thing you can do is to work with a proactive dentist who thoroughly explores your unique situation so you know exactly what to expect.

Implants have become even more safe and successful because of modern 3D imaging.

Standard two dimensional x-ray systems are excellent for many other things, but they don’t show enough detail to plan a dental implant procedure.

Thankfully, modern 3D scans give doctors much more information than standard x-rays. These scans allow the doctor to pick the implant length and shape that will be just right for you, avoid nerves, blood vessels, and sinuses during the procedure, and more.

Because of modern 3D imaging, implants are an amazingly predictable way to replace the teeth you once had. Detailed scan information and a carefully planned and customized implant procedure keep you safe.

You have a surprising amount of options for your new teeth.

Your options for new teeth are almost endless. It’s almost like picking out a new car. You and your doctor can decide together how the new tooth is attached, whether it is permanent or temporary, and all kinds of other things—although new teeth don’t usually come in quite as many color options as cars do. I’ve yet to meet a patient who preferred fire engine red over pearly white.

Joking aside, like with any serious decision, you have to start with what’s most important to you. What do you need to feel well and meet your personal goals?

Make sure to choose a dentist who takes the time to understand what’s important to you, so you can choose the best options together. After all, it’s your tooth!

Your overall health and medication affect the implant. 

Your medications, health history, and body’s overall health affect the success of an implant procedure. So, make sure to tell your doctor about any and all medicines you are taking and any other health issues.

Make sure to choose a doctor who conducts a thorough health review before you decide about getting an implant. Understanding your whole health is the first step in having a great outcome when you go to replace those missing teeth.

Implant pricing can be complicated, so find a doctor who makes everything clear.

Implant pricing can be tricky because each procedure might require different steps, tools, implant types, and methods. Many offices have separate pricing for all of those things.

Figuring out whether your insurance covers each item can be complicated. Some dental insurance has a “missing tooth clause” and will not cover an implant if the tooth was extracted prior to when coverage began.

Our dental office avoids these kinds of headaches and makes pricing and insurance coverage easier to figure out. We will give you clear bundle pricing for all of the parts of the process to remove the mystery and complexity, so you feel comfortable and understand exactly what you are getting for your investment

Discover The Right Choice For Your Smile

If you have missing teeth and are interested in dental implants in Austin, TX, consult the experts at Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill. An experienced dentist will be able to discuss your desired outcome, review your dental history, and lay out treatment options for you. There are several steps and options during the dental implant process, and a skilled dental professional will talk you through each consideration and cost to determine the right plan for you. Our patients can expect compassionate and personalized care that is a step beyond the traditional dentist office. We want our patients to have a happy and healthy smile, and work with you every step of the way to build and maintain oral health.

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