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Ready to improve your smile? We offer a variety of cosmetic options in house at all our locations. Learn more about the cosmetic services we offer below.

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Teeth Whitening

Do you always smile close-lipped when there’s a camera around? Or do you hide your teeth when you laugh? If you are embarrassed about discolored or yellow teeth, there is an easy and fast solution!

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a professional-strength teeth whitening system that offers immediate and dramatic results our patients love. It’s so effective, it only takes one treatment to see results, all while relaxing in our modern office and administered by dental professionals, not sitting in a mall or at home struggling with strips.

Come into our office to see your teeth lighten up to 8 shades whiter in less than an hour! We offer fast, easy, safe, pain-free, affordable, and effective teeth whitening treatment for our patients. Ready to brighten your smile and kickstart your confidence? Book an appointment for teeth whitening treatment today!

Dental Bonding

There are many different procedures to restore decayed or broken teeth, depending on the level of damage. Dental bonding is a fantastic tool in cosmetic dentistry to touch up small issues. Our experienced dentists use tooth-colored composite bonding material to solve a range of cosmetic issues. 

Dental bonds utilize a malleable composite resin that is easily molded, shaped and polished to blend in with your surrounding teeth. Most often, composite bonding is used to improve the appearance of cracked, chipped or discolored teeth. We also use dental bonding to address spacing issues, to add length, or to change the color or shape of teeth.

Ceramic Veneers

White ceramic veneers can reshape and restore your teeth completely. A stunning, bright smile is an option for everyone! We offer the latest in ceramic veneer technology. The very durable, thin ceramic material is bonded to your teeth to enhance their appearance. This new material is very long-lasting and allows for precision that was once hard to imagine. No more bulky veneers!

All our veneers are made in the USA of durable ceramic material. We only use the highest quality products in every procedure and these high-end dental appliances are top of the line compared to other types of veneers. Our ceramic veneers blend perfectly with your natural teeth. An experienced dentist will place the veneer and ensure it fits correctly. Achieve a flawless smile; book your appointment today!

Ceramic Crowns

Dental crowns are used for a variety of reasons, including on back teeth after a root canal or teeth that are broken, chipped, or worn.

Dental crowns are permanent fixtures to your teeth, unlike removable dentures. They are able to restore function and aesthetics to your smile, giving you the confidence to smile, eat, talk, and use your mouth normally. Durable ceramic crowns allow patients with various teeth issues to once again have full function of their mouth and it can give confidence to patients that were hiding unsightly teeth.

Ready For A Brighter Smile?

What does a beautiful, healthy smile mean to you? It certainly means different things to each person. Sometimes, your life and comfort can be substantially improved through procedures that fall under the label of ‘cosmetic dentistry’. At Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill, we use a wide variety of methods to help our patients stay healthy and feel healthy.

Some patients are put off by the idea of cosmetic dentistry because of a negative perception about what it is. So let’s put it all right out there in the open:

Everyone wants to look good and feel confident. Caring about how you present yourself isn’t selfish. It’s human.

Further, cosmetic dentistry can offer a lot more than just whiter teeth. For example, a dental implant might seem like a cosmetic thing because replacing missing teeth could help a patient feel more confident about their smile. However, replacing missing teeth can also improve a patient’s ability to eat comfortably, which obviously has broader health benefits, not to mention that the patient simply feels better every time they eat.

So don’t write off cosmetic dentistry because of a negative perception. If it helps you feel better and stay healthy, it doesn’t matter what label we give it. Whatever your goals are for your health, we have both restorative and cosmetic options to make it happen.

At Renken Dentistry of Oak Hill, we won’t try to sell you on cosmetic options that aren’t right for you. If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry, the first thing we’ll do is listen to you to learn about your goals for your smile and health. Once we understand what’s important to you, we can recommend cosmetic options, and decide together on a path forward.

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