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Private Practice Growth Residency

Gain advanced clinical experience & increase earnings sooner

Join our residency to accelerate your career and earnings. No tuition. Get a guaranteed $150k salary. Gain clinical experience in a stable environment and move into advanced procedures sooner. Then graduate into ownership opportunities.

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Move into advanced procedures now

Didn't you already pay your dues in dental school? No need to spend a few years drilling to earn the chance to perform the procedures that interest you. We have patient demand for advanced procedures now, and we provide training credits, mentorship, and support to help you grow now. During the residency you'll join our our most thriving and stable practices in Springfield, IL to gain clinical general dentistry experience and learn private practice operations for a set term of 1 or 2 years.

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Increase your earnings through ownership

After learning advanced procedures, ownership further scales up your compensation. Unlock ownership opportunities and collections bonuses as you grow and complete the residency. Your compensation will increase dramatically as you advance within our group. Relocation opportunities to our Austin practices are available upon residency term completion.

Compensation & Employment Benefits

  • $150K guaranteed salary
  • Flexible schedule: 3.5 days on, 3.5 days off
  • Additional collections bonus with advanced productivity
  • Ownership & mentorship programs
  • $5K outside CE scholarship / student loan reimbursement
  • $20K relocation sign-on bonus for 2 yr commitment, $10K 1 yr
  • Health insurance, vision, and 401K plans

Dr. Jonathan Dizon

I have a great mix of support, autonomy, and mentorship to improve every week in different fields of dentistry.

Dr. Jonathan Dizon, Dentist

“I met and interviewed with over a dozen dentists at different practices in search of a place that seemed like the right fit for me. Renken Dentistry stood out among the rest because of their clear mission and vision, wide array of services, updated equipment and supplies, and systems they utilize to deliver care. As an associate dentist, I feel I have a great mix of support, autonomy, and mentorship to improve every week in different fields of dentistry (restorative, endodontics, oral surgery, implants, Invisalign, prosthodontics, CAD/CAM dentistry).”

Dr. Brielle Lira

Working at Renken Dentistry has broadened my abilities and supported my career goals. I feel a sense of purpose here.

Dr. Brielle Lira, Dentist

“Renken Dentistry is an organization that provides mentorship from more seasoned doctors that allows you to expand your skill set. I can say with 100% honesty that Renken Dentistry is fully committed to providing everyone who joins the organization with a path to success. Working at Renken Dentistry has broadened my abilities, supported my career goals, and taught what it takes to maintain a successful, thriving practice. I feel a sense of purpose knowing that the work I do contributes to the benefit of the practice and makes a difference in the lives of our patients.”

Dr. Joshua M. Renken

A note from our founder, Dr. Joshua Renken

What You Get Here That You Won't Find at Dental Chains and Other Private Practices

The greatest compliment I've received from patients and team members is that they love being in a place where they hear laughter throughout the office. I've learned the only way to make this possible is to have total clarity around our mission and values. When everyone can rely on sincere mutual intentions, it is possible to enjoy being in a place where patients get healthy, team members grow professionally, and a business thrives. I'm hoping that dentists who are interested in learning about this way of working together will join our residency program. We can't wait to work with you and support you as you grow.

Private Practice Growth Residency Program Overview

Start Here. Application Process

  1. Download the residency program guide

  2. Schedule your meet & greet with our team

  3. Submit your employment application

Get the Residency Program Guide

Phase 1. One or Two Year Commitment in Springfield, IL

Relocation benefit and flexible schedule at our flagship practices in Springfield, IL.

Patient Health Pathway Program. Learn to structure comprehensive treatment plans, reduce patient resistance to treatment so they can choose health, order of advanced clinical skills to build early in your career, and more.

Team Health Pathway Program. Gain leadership experience and learn how to apply mission and value systems to unify the team and create common goals and culture.

Practice Health Pathway Program. Learn the business side of running a private practice, five components to monitor financial health, what banks look for when lending to dentists, how to organize a super-generalist practice for predictable outcomes, and more.

Phase 2. Ownership Opportunities & Potential Relocation

After completing the phase 1 residency, we offer opportunities to continue within our organization and pursue ownership, scale up your compensation, and, for those interested, relocate to one of our four Austin, TX area practices.

Put your foundation to work as you roll out your advanced clinical and leadership skills to move patients to health and be a part of our expanding group. Our doctors earn ownership in the group as they enhance their productivity. As we are growing in a healthy way, you could have the option to own a part of a larger growing group.

Program Benefits

  • Ramp up your career with opportunities to begin advanced procedures right away without having to pay your dues first
  • Gain clinical experience in a stable practice without the pressures of high competition and production quotas
  • Get the support, mentorship, and opportunity to advance your clinical and operational skills
  • Learn the operational techniques of a well-organized private practice you can apply to your own future ventures
  • Get nationally competitive salary in a city with a low cost of living
  • Opportunities to relocate to Austin when your residency ends, and as your experience & performance increase

What's it like to work at Renken Dentistry?

  • Engaged and committed patient community. FFS and PPO only. No medicaid or HMO.
  • Latest technology. Full field CBCT, Itero & Trios scanners, 3D printers onsite in every office.
  • Highly efficient team and structure in place to support you.
  • Existing demand & capability for implants, invisalign, root canals, sleep apnea, and surgical treatment.
  • Autonomy. You have the freedom to treat the cases you want to perform.
  • You're not on your own. Group practice environment & mentorship program allow for discussion of cases and treatment options if needed.
  • We have a disco ball in every office to keep things fun and remind us to learn, laugh, and grow.